Our boating lifestyle and marine marketing niche sites provide highly targeted advertising & content partnership opportunities for marine businesses.


My Boat Life

MYBOATLIFE.com is a boating lifestyle site focused on boat gear, tips and boating know-how for your boat life.

My Boat Life started in 2009 and has grown into a robust boating lifestyle niche website focused on topics that matter most to the average recreational boater. From boat buying and family boating features, to boat gear reviews & maintenance advice, MyBoatLife.com provides a sea of resources and boating know-how. Other popular features include year round gear & gift guides for boaters, and syndication of the boating podcast Anchor's Aweigh.

Featured topics are organized by CONTENT HUBS with boating resources & accompanying GEAR GUIDES & GIFT GUIDES. These focused content, gear & gift guides offer marine businesses a highly targeted opportunity to promote their brands & products.

Boater Kids

BOATERKIDS.com is a boating lifestyle site focused on safety, gear and activities for kids who love the water.

Boater Kids is the companion niche boating lifestyle site to My Boat Life with resources for the boat kids in your life.

Focused on balancing safety & fun, BoaterKids.com offers tips, gear and know-how to create the best possible boating experience for families with kids on the water. BoaterKids.com is one of the only sites with content 100% focused on families & a kid’s boating lifestyle.


Our online business model gives marine industry advertisers access to a highly relevant niche site & audience at affordable rates well below traditional boating magazines.

Advertising opportunities go beyond banner advertising.

We aim to feature brands & products that boaters want or need with content hubs and gear guides throughout our sites -- providing value to both boaters and marine businesses.


Marine Marketing Tools

MARINEMARKETINGTOOLS.com is dedicated to growing your business in the boating industry. We offer cost-effective marketing tools, resources and strategy ideas exclusively for boat dealers, marinas, boat builders, marine suppliers, boating product manufacturers and boating service providers.

Designed to be a collaborative site with more than one voice, Marine Marketing Tools features best practices from a variety of boating industry professionals in the areas of marketing, sales and business productivity. Discover strategies and tactics from your peers, exciting new product ideas to add to your line and new ideas to improve your leads or customer retention.

Small Business Marketing Tools

SBMARKETINGTOOLS.com (Small Business Marketing Tools.com)  is a collaborative site where we share marketing best practices & strategies and introduce low-cost marketing tools & productivity resources for small businesses to leverage.

We'll help you create a business, build on it and encourage it to grow.


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